Winflex Trisave

Winflex® Trisave Eco - The window sealing tape for smart spenders

Winflex® TriSave Eco further complements our Winflex® TriSave-System. It combines all the characteristics expected from a multi- functional tape and facilitates quick and especially cost -effective working on your objects. And if used and applied as intended, always assuring professional abutment joint design, good and affordable!

Sizes to suit your construction height: 60 / 70 / 80 mm


  • Resistance to driving rain, heat- insulating and airtight - all in a single product
  • Compliant with Energy Saving Regulation requirements and technological standards
  • Reliable, simple installation
  • Very good plastering/ painting over
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 *Please heed the technical data sheet as updated.


technical data sheet  Winflex® TriSave Eco

technical data sheet Winflex® TriSave Eco Brüstung