Balkotec B HPL

Balkotec B HPL Balkotec B boards are High Pressure Laminates (HPL). They are manufactured with state-of-the-art plant and technologies. Cellulose paper sheets impregnated with top quality synthetic resins are compressed in accurately specified combination, under high pressure and at high temperature.
Balkotec B boards can be manufactured in a variety of colours, patterns and structures. Please consult our product range for details.



Balkotec B HPLBalkotec B boards reliably comply with the DIN EN 438 specifications. The German Institute for Building Technology has approved DIN 4102 Class B1 flame resistant boards type CGF, such as the Balkotec B boards.
Balkotec B boards are approved as back-ventilated façade boards and tested in accordance with the ETB [Uniform Technical Building Regulations] Directive “Fall prevention components”.
Balkotec B is extremely weather proof. Neither the surface nor the core is affected by sun, acid rain and moisture. UV resistance and colour fastness are very high. The board is also immune to large and rapid temperature swings.



Balkotec B HPLDue to the favourable combination of bending strength and elasticity, Balkotec B boards are very impact resistant. This makes them the ideal choice for areas subject to vandalism. Using suitable solvents, graffiti may also be easily removed without residue and without affecting the Balkotec B HPL surface.