Aquastop es

Aquastop es - The sealing tape for wet rooms and wet rooms with a general building authority test certificate.

We all use them every day, wet rooms and wet cells, for body care. Tiles are mainly used for easy and hygienic cleaning of walls and floors. Tiles are water-repellent and protect the substrate from moisture penetration. The situation is different with the joints, where shrinkage cracks can occur in the mortar or even the smallest hairline cracks as a result of component movements and temperature stresses.


As a result, the joint is moistened and the moisture reaches the substrate. Here, however, our Aquastop es gives you the assurance that the moisture does not penetrate the building, but can dry off again through the joint and that is tested and approved. You will also find an extensive range of accessories such as inner and outer finished corners as well sealing collars for wall and floor in our range.

Technical features:
Standard dimensions: 120 mm x 50 m rolls


  • Easy to process
  • Tightness tested according to DIN 18534
  • ZDB compliant sealing designs
  • Crack-bridging, flexible and decoupling
  • Printed central measurement scale
  • Extensive range of accessories available
  • Tested in system with accessories (AbP)
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technical data sheet Aquastop es

technical data sheet Aquastop es inside corners

technical data sheet Aquastop es outside corners

technical data sheet Aquastop es sealing sleeves