Winflex® TFS - The adhesive for zhe professional

Winflex® TFS is a soft elasticity, single component adhesive and sealant. Winflex® TFS is resistant to early morning condensation and is vulcanised by aair humidity to foam a soft elastic, rubbery adhesive. Winflex® TFS has excellent weathering- and chemical- proofing characteristics and excellent bonding characteristics on all common construction surfaces. Colour: white

Winflex® TFS erfüllt die erforderlichen Kriterien des GEV-Zeichen EC1 Plus-R und ist besonders schadstoff- und emissionsarm.

EC1plus R D green


Delivery in : 600 ml tubular bag


  • Excellentbonding, without primer
  • Outstanding workability characteristics
  • Substrate tolerance smoothing
  • Good weather and weather proofing characteristics
  • Solvent free
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technical data sheet Winflex® TFS