Winflex<sup>®</sup> Trisave Eco


The window connection tape for smart servers


Winflex TriSave Eco is a further addition to our Winflex TriSave-System:


A professional joint sealing becomes more and more of importance for future oriented construction. In order to meet the requirements for a airtight cladding it’s essential to work with a professional, airtight, driving rain proof, vapour inhibiting and also heat-insulating product. Winflex TriSave Eco replaces all these properties in just one tape and enables you a fast and above all a more economical processing on your objects. All of this with the assurance that in case of designated application a professional performance can be ensured, cheep and cheerful.

Focus on Winflex TriSve Eco and benefit from the following advantages:

- All 3 functions of a sealing layer are given


• Resistant to driving rain

• Heat- and sound absorbing

• Air- and water vapour tight


- Sealed against driving rain > 600 Pa in accordance with DIN 18542

- Extremely reasonably priced, very simple, fast and long lasting sealing and insulation on the connection

- It can be used on both sides – no risk of confusion

- Permanent joint drying

- Easy damage - free and fast assembly of windows even there are irregularities of the old building

- Contains no solvents or hazardous substances

- Material class B2 in accordance with DIN 4102

- In accordance with applicable regulations such as DIN 4108-7 (EnEV)


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