3) Fasatan TFS is a soft elastic single component adhesive sealant. Fasatan TFS has an early resistance to water and vulcanises to a soft elastic, rubber-like plastic in the presence of atmospheric moisture. This material has an excellent resistance to the weather and to chemicals. Fasatan TFS is free of solvents, isocyanate, silicone and PCP and exhibits extremely low shrinkage.


The Fasatan TFS quality has been tested to DIN 4102 Part 1 and is classified as normal flammability (DIN 4102-B2) building material when the product is used to glue our building sealing foils Fasatan, Fasatyl and Fasatan eco to steel, wood or solid mineral substrates.

And on top of these properties, Fasatan TFS can also now be applied in adverse conditions. Following further development, application is now possible at temperatures below zero. Results of tests of the adhesive force at MPA Dortmund confirmed that the adhesive force was the same as at room temperature. So nothing now stands in the way of using the adhesive at temperatures below zero.

Please refer to the Technical data sheet for details – we will gladly make this available to you upon request. For technical queries, please contact our Application Technology Department. Click here for contact information.