TFU weiss


Fasatan® TFU black protects, protects and continues to protect and is now also available in white.

The goalkeeper is an essential member of any soccer team!

Fasatan® TFU white is the youngest member of the window and façade sealing product team at BOSIG. Our high-quality, attractively priced sealant is now also available in white. So you can now use it in combination with our Winflex® window mounting system and, in particular, for creating internal seals when using our Winflex® TriSave Eco.


Fasatan® TFU white


- contains no acids, isocyanates or silicones

- ist not subject to mandatory labelling requirements

- a single component, elastic, durable, bubble-free sealant

- is suitable for sealing both external and internal joints


Winflex®, Winflex® TriSave and Fasatan® products are together an experienced and well-coordinated team!


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