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Partech-160 decoupling fleece - Spunbond Polyester-fleece with a consistent absorption behaviour


Partech-160 decoupling fleece is a heavy and stiff spunbound polyester fleece with a density of 160 g/m². The Partech-160 decoupling fleece is used for a base with a consistent absorption, so that sheer stress through spotty glue hardening can be avoided and the risk of cracking in the solid parquet will significantly reduced.

Partech-160 decoupling fleece - Advantages at a glance:Partech 160 Entkopplungsvlies

  • decouples tensions at installation
  • can be used for tiles, natural stone, parquet, solid wood flooring and laminate
  • excellent for critical subfloor
  • suitable for substrates with adhesive residues and firmly adhering paints
  • hairline cracks and shrinkages in mineral substrates can be bridged up to a width of 0.5 mm
  • shear stress caused by uneven adhesive curing can be avoided



 The product information in pdf format can be found here