Product overview

  • Aluflex

    AluflexAluflex is a profiled aluminium sealing strip with self-adhesive coating on one side. It is also the optimal and fast alternative to sheet metal and lead flashings at all typical abutments.

  • Kamoflex

    AluflexKamoflex is the intelligent solution for joining and sealing work on chimneys, walls and other vertical building sections. Kamoflex can be ideally moulded to match any imaginable shape, due to the many possible kinking options.

  • Rooflex

    AluflexRooflex is a lead-free and therefore healthy sealing system solution. The butyl adhesive is laminated on, ensuring durable adhesive strength. Rooflex is five times as light as lead-containing seals and is extremely colour-fast, due to its metallic surface.