Fasatan und Fasatyl

are elastic sealing foils for structure connection in façade construction. Fasatan is a façade sealing membrane made of high-quality synthetic EPDM rubber, which enables water vapour diffusion. It is resistant to water, draughts and other influences, whilst allowing water vapour from the structure to diffuse. Fasatyl is the counterpart of Fasatan. It is used on the inner side, where water vapour-impermeable sealing is required. The sealing strip is made of highly elastic butyl rubber.

Fasatan 1
Fasatan-Fix 2
fasatan-fix_keder innen_neu

Together, these façade sealing systems create an intelligent harmony and a comprehensive, perfect sealing solution. The sealing foils are enhanced further by optimally coordinated accessory materials and adhesives.

The façade sealing system is also available as Fix system with butyl adhesive strips in various versions and as strip system with a welded-on strip for a range of different profiles.