Winflex Trisave

Winflex® Trisave - A multifunctional tape for all levels

Winflex® TriSave is a high- quality combination product, which seals door and window connection joints quickly and securely. Due to the special structure there is only one more work operation necessary for the installation, which is also time saving and cost effective. Winflex® TriSave is mae of polyurethane soft foam ubstances impregnated with flame retardant synthetic resin applied to a self- bonding substrate.

Sizes to suit your construction height: 70 / 80 mm


  • Fully sealed in a single operation
  • Flame retardant(DIN 4102-B1)
  • Meets DIN 18542 BG1/BGR requirements
  • Joint sound insulation RST, w=59dB
  • Compatibility with adjacent building materials tested according to DIN 18542 BF1
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technical data sheet Winflex® TriSave

technical data sheet Winflex® TriSave Brüstung