Fasatan Fasatyl Optima

Fasatan® / Fasatyl® Optima - The solution for wood and façade constructions

Fasatan® und Fasatyl® Optima are EPDM rubber sealing foils around the façades. They are self- adhesive thanks to the tailor- made BOSIG High Tack adhesive. This self- adhesive strip will render the application particularly time- saving and simple, since it obviates the application of adhesives and their associated flash off time. The special adhesive strip exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates without causing efflorescences.

Characteristics :
Available strengths: 0,6 / 0,8/ 1,0 und 1,2 mm


  • no fluid adhesive systems soiling window surfaces
  • will follow all normal structural expansion
  • solvent- free
  • durable sealing
  • clear cost- saver due to saved time
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Fasatan® strong Optima - EPDM building waterprofing foil (1,2 mm dick)