Phonotherm® curtain wall installation system

Fact remains – wall and insulation thicknesses are increasing. It is vital therefore that windows and doors also shift into the insulating plane to ensure optimal isothermal characteristics. This will prevent damage by moisture and the commensurate energy loss. Our Phonotherm® curtain wall installation system will here ensure reliable and optimal installation conditions.



Technical features:
  • AbP P-2013-B-4724 and AbZ Z-23.11-1952
  • Tested extraction and cross tensile strength of screwed fastening
  • Type tested according to MO-01/1 and MO-02/1
  • Tested water vapour diffusion and thermal conductivity at ca. 0.076 W/(m*K)
  • Tested load transfer
  • High system acoustic insulation




technical data sheet Phonotherm® 200

technical data sheet VOWA EPS Insulation Block

technical data sheet VOWA TFS 600 ml tubular bag