Noiseflex® Picture - Sound-absorbing wall pictures, as individual as life itself!

Noiseflex® acoustic murals comprise of Noiseflex® MH with a visible aluminium frame for wall mounting. Noiseflex® MH is a flexible, open-celled melamine resin foam plastic, a thermosetting plastic from the aminoplastics group. Its typical distinguishing mark is the filigree, spatial net texture formed from slim, and hence easily deformable, cell connectors. Noiseflex® MH features a broad spectrum of attractive properties. The excellent attributes:

  • High level of sound absorption capability
  • Low weight

The surrounding aluminium frame has a depth of 35mm and a viewing width of 8mm. Two adjustable screw hooks are on the back of the frame for simple attachment on the wall. Noiseflex® Classic MH absorber boards with fabric cover (thickness 25mm) are used as filling. The fabric cover can have a custom print design, making the Noiseflex® acoustic mural a design feature for functional wall areas that can drastically reduce both reverberation time and sound level.


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