Compliance with applicable legal obligations

We are committed to compliance with all applicable legal obligations.


Informing the public

We aim to sustain the confidence of the public and our customers by providing factual information. Companies operating at our locations are informed about our environmental policies and included in our actions.


Best available state-of-the-art – but also economically justifiable.

Our company is committed to implementing suitable innovative technologies in the manufacture of its products wherever possible and economically viable.


Staff training

Through suitable training, we aim to cultivate the environmental awareness of our staff at all levels.


Continuously improved environmental protection

We aim to continuously improve environmental protection in our company.


Emergency preparedness and environmental impact

We take all necessary precautions to avoid uncontrolled emissions and we undertake to competently and comprehensively inform the interested public and our customers about the impact our activities have on the environment.



We shall use energy selectively and economically and keep residual materials, waste, emissions with an environmental impact and waste water to a minimum by mandating appropriate technical and organisational measures.

Preserving our natural environment and resources for future generations is a primary concern of our company. The responsibility for environmental protection therefore rests directly with the management of our company.