Technische Akademie Esslingen

TAE - Technische Akademie Esslingen: Ihr Partner für WeiterbildungThe Esslingen Technical Academy (TAE) has been one of the first addressed for specialists and managers for more than 55 years when it comes to professional further training and education in the areas of technology and economics.

Our customers appreciate in particular the excellent specialist know-how of our lecturers, the sophisticated methods in teaching knowledge and consistent orientation to the needs of the users.

With precise seminars, certificate courses, part-time degree courses, colloquia and in-house trainings, we have created a solid foundation for the trust of our customers. Rely on headway through knowledge. With the TAE.

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IFT Rosenheim

Forschungsinstitut für CE Kennzeichnung, Fensterprüfung und Glasprüfung: Fassadenprüfung und BaustoffprüfungThe ift Rosenheim is an internationally active scientific service provider for the production of windows, facades, glass, doors, gates and all accessories (fittings, sealings, construction materials, etc.). The ift tests the usability of construction elements and to this end conducts window checks, glass checks, facade checks or construction material checks but also fire protection checks, sound-proofing checks, while checks to other construction elements are also part of the scope of delivery. As a research institution and notified body, the ift is authorised to grant the testing evidence required for the CE label or construction supervision certificates. The range of services, which includes the carrying out of construction materials tests, fire protection tests and glass tests as well as the basis for CE labelling or other certifications, is supplemented by services such as expert reports, seminars and congresses.

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ifz Logo neuThe IFZ supports the manufacturers of windows, facades and doors in the information of end users, processors, planners as well as specialist trade with objective notifications. The core here is the ifz information, which follows the motto of up-to-date - informative - clear.

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FLIB - Fachverband Luftdichtheit im Bauwesen e.V.

The Fachverband Luftdichtheit in Bauwesen e. V. [Specialist Association Air Tightness in Construction] – in short FLiB – was established in April 2000 prior to the new energy saving directive that was widely discussed at the time. Since then, it has established itself amongst specialists, in particular, as the central point of contact for questions regarding air-tight building shells.

Thanks to its comprehensive internet database, FLiB has also become a research address for all those who require corresponding services and products.

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BTU Cottbus - Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus

For the ongoing further development of our manufacturing technologies we are working closely and intensely together with the "Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus". For many years we are accompanied by the faculty "Technological research and development for production processes" with our challenges to optimise the production processes.The objective is always to manufacture our products of good and high quality at reasonable prices.

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KUZ Leipzig - Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig

In the field of processing technology and of mixing technique we are working closely with the "Kunststoff-Zentrum" in Leipzig, particularly when it comes to adapt new methods and technologies of polyurethane technology to our systems the specialists of KuZ are close companions of our company. Very often the processes are being coordinated in cooperation with the major producers of the polyurethane chemistry

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